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02-nov-04  "Downloads" section updated with 2 tracks from the forthcoming second cd "Long Lost Pride" available in Japan in a couple weeks from today through Avalon/Marquee.The cd is planned to be released for Europe/Rest Of World near January 2005.
15-oct-04  A release date for "Long Lost Pride" in Japan is settled for November 21st,along with the new FIREWIND album "FORGED BY FIRE"! Imaginery cd contains 11 tracks:
01.Hypnotized   4:48
02.The Sign Of Today  4:37 
03.When All Is Gone  4:21
04.The Nightmare Of Kain    4:50
05.Roughly Scratched But Alive 5:47
06.Korozon(The Lord Of Evil)  6:07
07.Peace Of Mind   5:31
08.Blind Eyes   4:52
09.No Other Way   4:45
10.In My Life   5:07
22-sep-04 Lion Music has launched a deal for the release of "Long Lost Pride" in Japan through AVALON/MARQUEE,also the label of artists like Vitalij Kuprij,Jordan Rudess and many more!

IMAGINERY's 2nd cd!
"Long Lost Pride"

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