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Bob Katsionis Merchandise and Info Page

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I started playing keyboards when I was 10 years old and only 4 years later (1992) I bought my first guitar which seemed to excite me much more, as the only thing I was playing in the keyboards till then was the crap they used to teach me in the conservatory.Of course I was only 14 years old then and I had no musical preferences or anything like this. But this until the last days of 1994 when I first came in touch with the music of  Dream Theater and other keyboard oriented bands.Soon I noticed some keyboard players like Kevin Moore, Jens Johansson and the mighty Keith Emerson the sound of whose has influenced drastically my way of approaching the keyboards.The most important thing, though was that I soon developed good improvising ability which was the only thing  which opened doors in finding more bands to play with as a session member apart from my standard band which has been up till then SKYWARD later renamed to RETROSPECT.

Being one of the few keyboard players in my country,Greece that are really into metal sound gave me the comfort to choose between offers that interested me or not. As a result was  the ROCK OF GODS 1996(first ever open air festival in Greece!) where I played for FATAL MORGANA who were the opening act for Slayer,Saxon Blind Guardian and Rage,or the supporting act of KREATOR (Jan 1998) where I played with techno-thrash progsters ACID DEATH. Then  was the live-on-the-air appearance of TIDAL FLOOD(instrumental prog-psych rock ala Ozric Tentacles) in the  Jammin´ live show on Greek ET3 channel and the recording of the keyboards in power metaller´s CASUS BELLI debut CD that released from Greek Sound And Vision Records.

In the meanwhile I got a diploma in classic organ (based on suites and fuges by J.S. Bach as well as modern jazz pieces for pedal double scale organ), theory, classical harmony and history of music, things that basically helped me more to learn how to study and analyze a musical piece rather than playing fast or improvising.

Right after this, I had to join the army which took me 1.5 year of doing almost nothing music-wise but the best was yet to come! After finishing my military duty I joined NTX (Nipto Tas Heiras) a crossover hip-hop nu metal band that already had released a very interesting debut cd which was advertised by TV and had good airplay. I made some live gigs with these guys that helped me a lot in developing a more steady and mature playing especially on stage. For a while it seemed like I was losing my heavy metal identity and then, was the call from Efthimis Karadimas the lead singer of NIGHTFALL who was inviting me to join this famous band and play live in one of the biggest heavy metal festivals of the world: WACKEN OPEN AIR 2001! As soon as I got back from Germany, I started working on my first solo work while I was playing with power metallers CASUS BELLI which also was a great experience because the level of the musicianship of the members was very high and our gigs were apart of a true metal experience a very good show-off, too. At one of that gigs I was seen by Sakis from Rotting Christ who spoke with the guys from SEPTIC FLESH and by the end of summer 2001 I joined them and started a series of very hard working rehersals in order to start touring Greece and Europe for the promotion of their latest release Sumerian Daemons. Meanwhile, my debut cd Turn Of My Century was released from Finnish prog label LION music and started taking amazing reviews from all the world which, along with the numerous gigs with Septic Flesh, helped me to grow my reputation within the metal fans. Later, I also did some session recordings for STARQUEEN (FIN) and Greek epic metallers BATTLEROAR, I released the forgotten recordings of my power metal project IMAGINERY (initially named MIRAGE back in 1996) and I also recorded all keyboards for NIGHTFALLs latest release I Am Jesus for Black Lotus Records.

At the time being,and after the split-up of SEPTIC FLESH, Im a standard member of NIGHTFALL,working on our new cd and DVD as well(I also run a video-clip making company named Progressive Vision Group) , played some guest keyboard solos on the 2nd cd of MAGIC KINGDOM (soon to be released through LMP)and I got this great invitation by mr Gus G. for joining FIREWIND on their Japanese and European tour. My second solo cd Imaginary Force is finished with a release date around April and I also record the 2nd cd of IMAGINERY play modern power metal with Swedish Bjorn Jansson singing in the vein of J.S Soto and Jorn Lande and


Black As Hell!


What a job!

A picture from the photo session of NIGHTFALL's latest release : I AM JESUS with photographer Set<'H> of SEPTIC FLESH,the famous Greek band I toured Europe with for the promotion of SUMERIAN DAEMONS cd-2003


*** TOP 5 ***
1.Keith Emerson
2.Kevin Moore
3.Jens Johannsson
4.Derek Sherinian
5.Jordan Rudess
1.Jeff Waters
2.YJ Malmsteen
3.John Petrucci
4.Tony Macalpine
5.Joe Satriani
1.Dream Theater
4.Paradise Lost
Albums Top10:
1.7th Son Of A 7th Son
2.Images & Words
3.Rust In Peace
5.Keeper Of The 7 Keys 1+2
7.LTE 1+2
9.Rising Force

*** Other ***


2. Stratovarius

3. Rammstein

4. Ozric Tentacles

5. Death

6. The Gathering

7. Fates Warning

8. Sting and The Police

9. Tori Amos

10. Ark

11. Angra

12. Rage

13. Chroma Key

14. Metallica

15. Enchant

16. Sieges Even

17. Rush

18. Symphony X

19. System Of A Down

20. Spocks Beard