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Here,I gathered some scores of "Imaginary Force" CD through the web.check them out:

Ancient : 8/10 :" of the best instrumental albums of this year!""Jean Michel Jarre in terms of metal keyboard shred!"

detritus Rock/Metal e-zine:" I think I have a new favorite keyboardist!" "it is the strongest instrumental album I`ve heard in a very long time!" "Bob is a natural talent that in my opinion could be a great replacement for Jordan Rudess in Dream Theater any other day." "Think Planet X meets Joe Satriani, with Yngwie Malmsteen and Vitalij Kuprij fighting for a piece of the action!" 4,5 / 5 : "Dream Theater meets Iron Maiden with a dash of Kansas!" "well conceived, performed, and recorded,stands between Macalpine,Bellas,Artension and Romeo!" "...these solos are some of the best I've heard in my entire life!!! It's a total blast!!" 90/100

Castle Of Pagan (JP): 85/100

Darkscene Metal Magazine(DE): 9/10

Disenteria Music Forums(RUS): 9/10 "The tempos are fast and furious as Katsionis' mega rhythms and blazing guitar work are almost upstaged by his ultra-frightening keyboard solos..."

Hamanaka (JP): "This album is definately recommended to the fans who enjoy intense symphonic neo-classical metal and uptempo prog metal."

HardRockHaven: "This is probably one of the best keyboard/guitar CDs I have heard this year. A real nice balance of progressive and neoclassical instrumental songs."

HardSounds(ITA) : 80/100

Heavy Metal Resource Reviews(USA):"Bob shows his skill in a variety of ways and pulls it off brilliantly. Definitely an album not to be missed. Highly recommended!" "I cant recommend this CD enough!" 9/10

The Metal Observer: "All round ‘’Imaginary Force’’ is an accomplished piece of work and I can pay it no higher accolade than that." 9/10

Metaldreams.go "We will certainly be hearing more from Bob Katsionis in the future." 8/10 "He is both a solid guitarist and keyboardist, yet the most impressive contribution he shows is as a writer...his next releases should be out of this world!"

Progressive Ears:"Bob Katsionis is a true artist that takes his inspiration from the most unique of places, and takes his listeners on a fantastic journey with the results!" 5/6

Tandet :This album should be highly interesting to fans of metal influenced progressive music, it's a killer of an album." 90/100 "Imaginary Force is a very solid slice of instrumental prowess." 84/100

Walls Of Fire(DE): 4/5 : 9/10

Metal Hammer(GR) : 8/10

Rock On(GR): 8,5/10

Metal Zone(GR):9/10

Greek keyboardist/guitarist Bob Katsionis is back with his second CD (following 2002's "Turn Of My Century"), an instrumental virtuoso progressive/neoclassical/metal album with amazing keyboards and guitars, entitled Imaginary Force. The tempos are fast and furious as Katsionis' mega rhythms and blazing guitar work are almost upstaged by his ultra-frightening keyboard solos, amazingly phrased like a guitar (even through a wah-wah). Katsionis is the number one keyboard player on the Greek metal scene and is constantly touring and recording with various acts, such as Firewind with which he recently toured Japan and got discovered by EMI Japan. Imaginary Force features twelve instrumental tracks where you'll be able to pick up bit of Katsionis' influences - everyone from Dream Theater and Stratovarius to Messhugah (even Greek traditional dances!) Alex Flouros (Fragile Vastness) and Greek neo-classical shredder Theodore Ziras also contributed one magnificent guitar solo each. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Neo-Classical Metal/Progressive), total running time, 50:06

"Turn Of My Century" is a volcanically explosive instrumental album by keyboard and guitar prodigy Bob Katsionis. Fusing Dream Theatric diversity and sophistication with sizzling, nearly MacAlpineesque chops and a knack for melodic accessibility that exceeds even those lofty predecessors, Katsionis stampedes through a heavy, yet melodic set of instrumental progmetal that should absolutely thrill any fan of the genre.

It is staggering to think that Katsionis played all the keyboards and all the (sevenstring) guitars on the set. It is even more staggering to think that he can also turn out dramatic, engaging songs like these on a regular basis. Weaknesses of the record are few and far between (a stalefeeling rhythm here, a lapse in sonics there, an occasional nod to a lessthankiller melody) and do not substantially dull the luster of the disc. The insightful artist commentary on the linernotes only adds to the experience.

Jump on the Bob Katsionis bandwagon now. If "Turn Of My Century" is an accurate indication, he will be a dominant force in instrumetal and progmetal for a long time to come.

by Eric Aaron, Senior staff writer

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