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Bob Katsionis Merchandise and Info Page

My Works
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IMAGINERY: "Long Lost Pride"
Hypnotized,The Sign Of Today,When All Is Gone,The Nightmare Of Kain ,Roughly Scratched But Alive,Korozon(The Lord Of Evil),Peace Of Mind,Blind Eyes ,No Other Way,In My Life.
Bjorn Jannson:Vocals,Bob Katsionis:Guitars/Keys,Olof Sundfeldt:Bass,Mark Adrian:Drums/Production,All music by Bob Katsionis,All lyrics by Bjorn Jansson
Mixed and recorded by Mark Adrian at Artemis Studios(GR)
Vocals recorded at Backbone Studio(SWE)
Pre-production by Bob at Sound Symmetry Studio
Cover artwork and layout by Carl Beckston



Imaginary Force (Lion Music) Tracks: The Imaginary Force, March Of The Spirits, Is It Me Or The Weather?, Sing For The Day ,Sudden Death, Birds Eye View, All My Naked Hopes, Galaxy, Separated, St.Pervert, Tsifteteli(overture 1821), Ouzo!Recorded at Sound Symmetry StudiosMixed at The Lions Cage studio by Lars Erik MattssonLine-up: Bob Katsionis: all keyboards and 7 string guitarsStavros Giannakopoulos: BassFotis Giannakopoulos: DrumsTheodore Ziras: Guest solo on Ouzo!Alex Flouros: Guest solo on Ouzo



CASUS BELLI:Mirror Out Of Time (sound and vision records)Songs: Intro, Mirror out of time, Ghost of the winds, Casus Belli,Bloody Fingers,The madman through the haze, Reviving the dream, Flames in the darkness, Southern of God, Iron Bones.Recorded at Workshop Studios 1999 Line up: Panos Dedes: Vocals, harmonica Panos Arvanitis: All Guitars Bob Katsionis: keyboards Fotis Anagnostou:Bass



NIGHTFALL:I Am Jesus (Black Lotus Records BLRCD054)Songs: Death Of Neira, The Senior Lover Of Diamanda, I Am Jesus, A Pale Crescendo Of Diamond Suns, Luciferin, Muscat (Darkdark Road), The Poor Us, Ive Never Dreamt The Life We Share, Treasures In Aramaic Tears(Echelon), Semana Tragica, Nightfall .Recorded at Praxis,Sound Symmetry and MG studios, Greece Mixed by Ahti Kortelainen at Tico-Tico Studios, Finland Line-up: Efthimis Karadimas:vocals George Bokos:guitars Bob Katsionis (and not GATSIONIS as misspelled!!!): keys George Kollias: Drums


Turn Of My Century (Lion Music LMC 2215-2) Tracks: Turn Of My Century, Planeterium, Cosmic, Omega, Windows To The World, My Strange Girl, Forbidden Erotica, Song Of The East, Exploration, Enhanced Fear, Face The Undead, Sapphire, Enemys Adagio, Flight Of the Pink Dragon, Cold Pale Skin, Scary Groovie .Recorded at Sound Symmetry Studios 2001 Mixed at The Lions Cage studio by Lars Erik Mattsson Line up:Bob Katsionis: All keys, 7 string Guitars, Sequencing Jimmy B: Bass


STARQUEEN :FaithBringer (Lion Music LMC 2228-2)Songs: FaithBringer, Devils Dance, Firewalker, Kill Your Idol, Wonderland, Out of the Crowd, Save the Slave, The Crying Angel And My Fears, The Myth, Welcome Bob Katsionis: Keyboards/ Synth solos


IMAGINERY (ex-MIRAGE,SECRETS KEEPER):Oceans Divine (steel gallery records SGR 003)Songs:Prelude :IcarusOn Burning Wings, Fortune Teller, Journey Through Life, Glory, The Maiden Voyage, Pages, Oceans Divine, Force Majeure, Afterworld.Recorded at Amp studios, Horizon studios and Sound Symmetry Studios 1998+2000 Line up: Luis Hatzimichalis: Vocals (ex Fatal Morgana) Bob Katsionis: All guitars and keyboards,Nigel Foxxe: bass on 2-7,Telis Kafkas: Bass on 8-10(ex-Demise, Anna Vissi Band)Kostas Tsombanos: Drums (from Acid Death)



SKYWARD:¨Aiming Skywards¨ demo 1993

Songs: fly with me, imbrue the land, rain, magician circle(+no reasons-Unreleased)

Recorded September 1993 at +one studios in 5 hours

Line up:Bob Katsionis: Guitars,bass

                 Jim Halvatzidopoulos: Guitar,vocals

                 Aris ¨elephant¨ Kalantzis: Drums


SKYWARD:¨Newcomers¨ demo 1994

Songs:false design,Mindless Slaves,Corrupted Altars(+Newcomers seed Unreleased)

Recorded July 1994 in 10 hours at Passion Studios

Line up:Thomas Papaefstathiou:vocals

                 Bob Katsionis:guitar,keyboards

                 Jim Halvatzidopoulos:guitars,back vocals

                 Vasso Eleftheriou:Bass

                 Aris Kalatzis:Drums


SKYWARD:¨Opposites Combined¨ demo 1995

Songs:The tragedy of burning birds,Opposites Combined,Divided It Stands

Recorded September 1995 in 20 hours at Passion Studios

Line up:Thomas Papaefstathiou:Vocals

                 Bob Katsionis:Guitars,keyboards

                 Jim Halvatzidopoulos:guitars,Backin vocals

                 Antony Stavropoulos:bass

                 Aris Kalatzis:Drums


MIRAGE:¨Time To Win¨ demo 1996

Songs:A medieval Romance,Poison Blood,Minds Imprisoned

Recorded in Sound Symmetry Studios February 1996

Line up:Bob Katsionis:All instruments

                 Mary Zempou:vocals


MIRAGE:¨Vibrations¨ demo 1997

Songs :classical Vibrations,Pages,Fortune Teller,Minds Imprisoned,Invention a D mineur,world of hate,distant calling

Recorded February 1997 at Live Studios

Line up:Bob Katsionis:All instruments

                 Thomas Papaefstathiou:Vocals


ENCOMIUM:¨Images Of A Sacred Antiquity¨ unreleased CD 1997

Songs:Seasons Of Sacred Antiquity,Tribal Conjuring,The Ancient Breed,At Eleusinian Soil,Stasimon,May The Icon Be Belied,Keadas,To the One Who Denies To Submit,The Frost Within Trilogy

Recorded summer 1997 at Live studios

Line Up:Bob Katsionis:All instruments-production

                  Spiros Kourouklis:Vocals-all lyrics+concept

                  Theodore Vourlis:Melodic Vocals



Song: The Cleansing Waters

Recorded in 80 (!) hours at Apollonion Studios December  1998

Line up:Luis Hatzimichalis:Vocals

                 Bob Katsionis:Keyboards,acoustic piano

                 Jim Halvatzidopoulos:all guitars

                 Antony Stavropoulos:Bass

                 Dion Tsaftarides:Drums